How To Choose Affordable Hotels?

How To Choose Affordable Hotels?

By: Shveni

Finding the most affordable hotels in London can be tough, especially while going with a tight budget. London is costly, and hotel prices are much higher than the other cities. However, there are ways to find cheap hotels in central London that offer good quality at reasonable rates.

Here Are Some Tips for Choosing an Affordable Hotel on Your Trip to London:

Compare Hotel Prices

One of the best ways to find affordable hotels is search websites that compare hotel prices. They show the cheapest hotels first. Sites like Expedia,, and TripAdvisor allow you to sort results by lowest price or proximity to locations you want to visit. You can also check reviews from real guests to make sure the hotel matches your standards. Always make sure the hotel is centrally located near public transport as this will lower your transport costs during your stay.

Name of the Hotels

Some of the most affordable hotels in London are easyHotel, YHA Hostels, and City Inn. easyHotel offers basic accommodation starting at around £29 a night and many locations in central London. Several hotels provide shared and private rooms from just £20-30 a night, with family rooms available. The City Inn has double or twin rooms for under £100 per night in a good central location.


Consider hotels that offer discounts if you book directly with them instead of online travel agents. Many budget hotels will give a 5-10% discount for booking directly on their website. Always check for membership discounts if you belong to organizations like AAA or AARP, which can often unlock extra hotel savings.

Google Maps

London does have many secret cheap hotels that tourists often miss. Look for smaller, independent hotels that aren't part of well-known chains. These hotels often offer quality rooms at lower rates and less marketing spending. Search Google Maps for hotels near locations you want to visit to find these hidden gems.


The best deals on hotels usually require some flexibility. Consider booking a hotel with a "free cancellation" policy and waiting until the last minute to reserve. Many hotels lower their prices the day before to fill any remaining vacancies. Booking a hotel stay for midweek instead of weekends can save you 30-50% at some properties.

If traveling as a family, look for hotels that offer special room rates for children staying in your room. Many hotels allow up to two children under 12 to stay for free. Budget Family Hotel London can be a cheaper alternative to booking two doubles. Only book a double room if the discount exceeds the family room rate.

Explore all your options, look for niche deals and discounts, and maintain flexibility to find the hidden gems of affordable hotels in London! Hope this helps you get the most out of your next trip without breaking the bank - happy hunting and enjoy your time in the beautiful city of London.